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7 years of blogging about Operations Manager – wow!

I was looking at referrer statistics for this blog, and noticed that many people still arrive here by clicking on a link in the very last blog post from my previous Microsoft Technet blog. It’s been a while since I’ve visited the old blog, but I do actually still refer to it from time to time – and looking at the archive list I noticed that I am coming up on a 7 year anniversary.

That’s right – I cannot believe I’ve been blogging about Operations Manager since December, 2007!

My very first blog post was about a bug in the UI that didn’t add a reference to the management pack. LOL – it can be fun looking back on history sometimes! I get a sense of satisfaction that I have contributed so much to the Operations Manager community – through my blogs, the Technet forums, the Unleashed book, my projects site, etc…

I encourage you all to share your knowledge in your own way, because this body of work is quite literally the first knowledge base anyone will check before pioneering there own solution.



Follow me on GitHub

I have decided to use GitHub to publish scripts, SQL queries and procedures, and custom management packs for all public content related to SCOM. I did this because it enables me to manage all my content in a central online repository that can be easily accessible, searched, and subscribed to in a feed reader.

If you’re not familiar with GitHub, it is a Git web-based hosting service which offers a lot of great functionality that enables the community to store, share, search content, and collaborate on projects. You could think of it as a sort of Source Safe or TFS application.  You are welcome to branch and pull the projects I store on GitHub, or just use the content I publish for whatever you need.

My home page on GitHub:

You can subscribe to receive updates of content I publish and update here:

Or just take a look at my activity page to see if there’s anything new:

There isn’t much content up there at this time, but I did throw a few things up there to get things started. I will still be blogging with code snippets, but all the managed code will be stored on GitHub from now on. Blog content may be outdated, so always check the GitHub source for the latest revision of code.