Visual Studio Authoring Extensions – Fragments, fragments, fragments!

All management pack authoring I do is by using fragments. In my opinion, fragments are the most flexible authoring element in the VSAE, as they offer full visibility into the XML code and the ability to create a library of useful fragments that can later be reused in other management packs.

I’m kicking off a new blog category named VSAE Fragment. The purpose of these types of posts is to give practical examples of using modules that are defined in OpsMgr management pack libraries, as well as how to piece together custom modules for composite workflows. MSDN already has a library of module examples here, but sometimes I find myself searching to fill in some blanks. Hopefully this will help others as much as they help me.

I’m starting the VSAE Fragment category by providing the most basic, and essential fragment I use in every new management pack: the mp.DisplayName fragment.

What does it do?

Provides a friendly management pack display name and description in the Operations console.


<ManagementPackFragment SchemaVersion="2.0" xmlns:xsd="">
    <LanguagePack ID="ENU" IsDefault="true">
        <DisplayString ElementID="SCOMskills.Demo">
          <Name>SCOMskills Demo</Name>
          <Description>A demo management pack.</Description>

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