Dual-Home Unix/Linux Agent (multi-home)

I ran into this request recently, but couldn’t find any official documentation on this. I’m sure this information is out there somewhere, but figured it’s a 2 minute post so here it is.

Turns out it’s actually quite easy, as long as you have your certificates lined up.

You’ll need to have all SCX certificates from every management server installed on every other management server that participates in a cross-platform resource pool. In other words, a complete certificate mesh between all multi-homed management groups!

Simply login to a management server that is a member of the cross-platform resource pool in the original management group, open a command prompt as administrator, navigate to %Program Files%\System Center\Operations Manager 2012\Server folder, and execute the following command:

scxcertconfig.exe -export xplat.cert



Next, copy that exported cert file to the same folder on each management server in the cross-platform resource pool in the second management group. Then import it by running the following command:

scxcertconfig.exe -import xplat.cert


Now you can run discovery/installation. The news is, no certificate signing or agent installation needs to happen, so it’s a very quick operation going forward.

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