Just pushed a huge update to scomskills > projects

Can you take 30 seconds to check it out and let me know what you think? By the way, I’m trying twitterfeed for the first time, so I apologize in advance if you see an ‘out of order’ update from me.

List of updates: user registration and sign in with OpenID and Google, Twitter Bootstrap 3 styling, HTTPS/SSL for all pages, Font Awesome icon suite, recently published content feed from various blogs (and growing), color-coded search results that indicate content age, site news and alerts on front page, and a handful of other tweaks.

I invite you to register on the site. Although there is nothing to interact with quite yet, in the coming weeks there will be some fun and useful actions you can perform on the site that should spark your interest.

Now go there and tell me what you think about the updates!




4 thoughts on “Just pushed a huge update to scomskills > projects”

  1. Thanks, Reidar. I see you have a blog. If it’s all System Center, I can add it to the search tool. I will be adding functionality for users to submit their own content soon. Think delicious-like 🙂

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