File Services MP Quick Notes (6.0.6600.0)


· All discoveries run every 12 hours (DFS-R discoveries run every 4 hours)

· Agent Proxy must be enabled on servers hosting Namespaces or Replication to obtain full functionality.

o Suggest just enabling Agent Proxy across the board these days.

· Profiles

o DFS Namespace Discovery Account

§ Scripts requiring account

· DFS Namespace Discovery

· Namespace Server Discovery

· DFS Folders and Folder Targets Discovery

o DFS Paths Access Account

§ For DFS Namespace Folder and Folder Target monitoring.

§ Must have READ permissions on target folders.

§ A Windows Run As Account MUST be created and associated to this Profile.

o File Services Role Monitoring Account

§ No mention of this account in the guide

o DFS Replication Monitoring Account

§ We must create a Run As Account that has administrator privileges on every DFS-R server, because when we need to get a backlog between A and B the script needs to get information from A DFS-R WMI provider and B DFS-R WMI provider. LocalSystem access is not enough.

Client Monitoring

· Enable DFS Client Computer Discovery (Target: Windows Computer, Class: DFS Client Computer)

o For a small set of computers (create a group of Windows Computer objects)

o This enables the DFS-N: Client-Side DFS Folder Availability monitor.

· Configure DFS-N: Client-Side DFS Folder Availability monitor by overriding the UNCPaths parameter. This is a colon delimited list of paths, like \\path1:\\path2:\\etc

Namespace Folder and Folder Target Monitoring

· Enable DFS Namespaces Components Discovery (Target: DFS Namespace Server, Class: DFS Folders)

o There is a parameter named “Path to DFSUtil.exe”, but this is only for the console task. Does not affect discovery. Just set the Enabled param to True.

o Caution: Do not enable this discovery if there are more than 1000 DFS folders in customer deployment! This will adversely affect performance of the agents, and cause excessive network traffic.

· Enabled DFS-N: Folder Target Availability monitor (Target:

o Enable only for a small set of folders (create a group of DFS Folder Targets objects)

Replication Monitoring

· DFS Replication Monitoring Account

o We must create a Run As Account that is a member of the Administrators local group on all monitored DFS-R computers.

· Enable DFS Replication Backlog Discovery (Target: DFS Replication Service, Class: Replication Connection)

o Enable for all objects of Type: DFS Replication Service

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  1. Is there a way to generate alert when replication backlog is more than X, i don’t see that feature in the File services MP. Do you have any reference to do tht ?

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